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An educated customer is our best ally. This page is dedicated to teaching you about different window film technology in the metro area, and specifically where it concerns the films that we carry and install every day. If you are doing research to make a proper decision on what will best suit your needs, budget, and what kind of performance is preferred, please read this page in its entirety. This page may possibly be your best resource in Atlanta for making the proper film selection for your car. Take your time to learn about the different options.

Each film that we carry is rated based on performance and longevity to help you make the proper selection.

We use basically three different window films for installation. All of them are different from each other in many ways. Please read the explanation of each film below, and check the film rating to see which one will best suit your needs.

Omniflex Premium Dyed Window TintingCar Window Tinting Types Premium Dyed Films

This Premium Dyed film has excellent clarity, and also comes standard with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This film is a great all around option for any color combination that you have on your car.

The only issue with having a dyed window film on your car is that over time, these films will begin to lose their color, and possibly turn purple at some point.This is true for any window tinting film that is a dyed product. You will typically find that these films dominate the low priced category for car window tinting prices.

Purchasing a dyed window film for your car could possibly mean that at some point in time you may have to have the film removed and replaced. 

We cant tell you how long these window films will last, because there are too many variables that will effect longevity. If your car is in the sun the majority of the day, the life of these films are greatly diminished because the Sun has more time to break down the dyes in the film, causing discoloration. Look around at other cars that are tinted as you are driving during the day. You will see films that have lost their color, look completely purple in appearance, and possibly are bubbled up due to film failure. These are generally dyed window film products. 

Most of the companies we compete against only care about getting your money now, and could care less about what might happen with your window film installation later on down the road. We make sure to explain the difference between all our films, and what you can expect from them over time. If you are looking for a window film that will not turn purple, and has a lifetime color stability warranty, please take a hard look at our Terraflex Carbon film. 

Car Window Tinting Carbon Window Film


  • Good entry level film.
  • Neutral appearance, non-reflective.
  • Provides very good U.V. rejection.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Omniflex Film Rating: GOOD

Terraflex Ceramic Window TintingCar Window Tinting - Terraflex Carbon Window Film Lawrenceville GA

Our TerraFlex Carbon Window Film is truly in a class by itself. This is a carbon based product that actually has real carbon in the film. Some companies that make films claim to have carbon properties, but they put just enough in the film to call it carbon. A lot of films that are touted as a carbon based product, can in fact be a "hybrid" product, meaning it can contain elements that are carbon and dyed components. We know of several films in the Atlanta market that are called "carbon", but in actuality have very little of the element in the window film itself.

There are no dyes in the TerraFlex product. If you don't do the research, and go with a company that says they have a carbon film, you might find your film failing after a short period of time, because it may not be 100% carbon.

This film is one of the best color stable films on the market and will never fade. Beautiful charcoal color, excellent clarity, and long term weather-ability are just a few of the outstanding attributes of our TerraFlex Car Window Tint Series. Lifetime Warranty is standard. 

Car Window Tinting - Color Stable Window Tinting For Cars in Lawrenceville GA


  • Very good long term selection.
  • Excellent U.V. Protection.
  • True carbon construction.
  • No synthetic dyes.
  • Cool custom look.

Terraflex Film Rating: BETTER

Panaflex Ceramic Window TintingCar Window Tinting - Ceramic Window Tint Lawrenceville GA

Our PanaFlex Ceramic Car Window Film Series has been engineered to provide superior heat rejection with "zero" reflectivity. This is our best selling product, simply because it gives you everything that you would expect from a high performance window film. Massive heat reduction, 99% UV protection, and a cool custom look are just a few of the features this film will deliver.

Ceramic films are replacing older outdated "metalized" products and are superior in construction. These films are "signal" friendly, meaning that they will not interfere with electronic devices in your car like older metallic based films can.

This nano-ceramic tinting film is a "state of the art" technological advance in the window film world, and will exceed your expectations on performance. We have an in shop demo that will show you the awesome performance characteristics of this film, and you can actually feel how much heat this window tinting film stops. You will truly be amazed, and we invite you to stop by and see the demonstration.

Outstanding clarity, high infra red heat rejection makes this film a winner.

Car Window Tinting Panaflex Ceramic Window Tint For Cars Atlanta GA.


  • Outstanding heat rejection properties.
  • Excellent U.V. protection.
  • Color stable, Lifetime Warranty.
  • Best all around for performance and longevity.

Panaflex Film Rating: BEST 

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